20 plants that butterflies love

20 plants that attract butterflies: lantana, fennel, salvia, zinnia, verbena, thitonia, coreopsis, joe-pye weed, bee balm, milkweed, cosmos, chives, aster, buddleia, phlox, lilac, rudbeckia, lavender, coneflower and marigold

Butterflies seem like flying flowers, full of colors and always fluttering around, making any landscape joyful. Who wouldn’t love to have butterlfies in their garden? A garden is not complete without flowers and butterflies. So that’s the first step, have garden full of flowers. But what flowers? The best ones are the native flowers because bufferflies look for plants that can be found on their natural habitat. If you want to know what are the native plants of your zone, go to this link. Choose flowers with bright colors and fragant, butterflies love orange, yellow and purple.

Here’s a list of the most popular flowers for butterflies:

Aster- choose from various colors, attract swallowtails, sulphurs and buckeyes









Bee balm attracts butterflies


 Black-eyed Susan attracts butterflies


Buddleia attracts butterflies


Milkweed attract butterflies


Chives attracts butterflies


Cosmos attract butterflies


Fennel attracts butterflies


Joe-pye weed attracts butterflies


Lantana attracts butterflies


Lavender attracts butterflies


Lilac attracts butterflies




Mexican sunflower




Purple coneflower










As you can see some of this plants are very fragant, if you plant them in your garden it will smell great. This plants attract all kinds of pollinators, so expect a bunch of bees and hummingbirds too. You can take advantage of that and have around some fruit plants like berries or citrus,  this way you will have more fruit production. Also keep in mind that some of this plants are toxic to humans or pets, be sure to ask to your seller before plating them.

If you are into butterfly gardening I suggest you to visit this pages, you may find there more detail information about host and nectar plants:

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