Sewed heart pincushion

Heart pincushion patchwork diy

This heart is a great gift for Valentine’s Day

This is my first post about a sewing proyect. I’m new at this so I started with a simple and easy sewed heart pincushion. Besides from a pincushion, you can use this heart for other things. For example, you can make multiple sewed hearts, attach them a ribbon and make some garlands or a mobile. Or you may stuff them with lavender scented potpurri to make some sachets. You may also sew a big heart and make it a pillow.

You just have to follow this simple steps for sewing a heart:

1. Make the pattern: it’s quite easy, fold a paper in half, trace one heart half (like a water drop) and cut it out.

2. Cut the heart: attach the paper to two pieces of fabric with wrong sides together, then cut out the fabric around the pattern, leaving about 1cm. Trace the border of the paper as a sewing guide.

3. Sew the heart: remove the pattern but leave the cutted hearts attached. Now sew along the traced line. Remember to leave some space to turn over the heart and stuff it.

4. Turn over and stuff the heart: turn the heart right-side out through the opening and stuff it. Now seal the gap with a blind stitch.

5. Decorate the heart: now the heart is finished, decorate it with nice stitches, and attach it a ribbon. I just decorated mine with a blanket stitch on the border.

Here are some ideas of what you may do with sewed hearts

cute heart ideas for valentines

I found on the Internet this cute pictures. Some of them are tutorials and others aren’t. Get inspired and sew out some hearts.

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