Dealing with baby’s tummy time

Dealing with baby's tummy time


Is tummy time crying time?

I know how hard is to keep a baby upside down, because most babies hate it. With had to struggle with Alex’s Tummy Time. It wasn’t a big deal during her first 2 months, but some time after she started to cry and get fussy when she was in this position. She made so much efforts to get on her back that she used to get very frustrated.

It was so hard for my husband and me to see her like that, angry and crying, that we ended with her suffering by turning her over. Soon she learnt to turn over on her back by herself and keeping her on her tummy became nearly impossible. Then, somewhere I read that for this situations is recomendated to put two pillows, one at each side of the baby, so the baby won’t turn over, but this didn’t work for us at all.

dealing with tummy time

I talked with my sister, who has a son two years older than Alex, and she told me to not put her on her tummy just after eating. How come I didn’t think about this before! Poor baby, with her tummy full of milk and making pressure over it. Nobody would like to be on tummy time after eating.

So here’s what worked for me: I started to put her on her tummy just after each diaper change. Then I bought an attractive toy that was “tummy time exlusive”. I didn’t forced her, 5 or 10 minutes was just enough. She stayed there, trying to reach her toy and laughing a bit. So I understood that the tummy time had to be a play time, a nice and fun moment for her. Since then we haven’t had troubles with tummy time. Being upside down is equal to a game. My only problem is still that she turns over because it’s fun for her. But she stays a while on her tummy before turning over and around.

Tips for keeping your baby on her or his tummy

Play time:

Tummy time must be a play time, make it a special moment for sharing with your baby

Choose a toy:

Use an specific toy for tummy time, choose a toy that your baby likes. It’s better if it is a new toy because your baby will relate it with the tummy time.

Right time:

Don’t put your baby on his or her tummy after he or she has eaten. A good moment is after each diaper change, it worked for me.

Amount of time:

At the begining it’s enough to have 10 or 15 minutes tummy time periods. If you do this several times a day, eventually your baby will get used to it.


Don’t force your baby to be on her or his tummy, if you make of this moment a suffering time your baby will identify it as a unpleasant posture, remember, everything has to be little by little, with no rush.


Place a small pillow below your baby’s tummy and let his or head free. This way your baby’s arms will support less weight. After some weeks he or she will me able to stay this way without the pillow.

Exercise yourself:

Lay down and put your baby on your legs facing down, so he or she can be able to see you. Your baby will find this fun. You can do this sometimes, but remember that it’s important for your baby to be also over flat surfaces, so he or she can strengthen his or her arms. This position on your legs helps his or her neck and back.


I hope you find useful this tips, each mom has her own style, so if you have other ideas, I would love to hear them.

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